35C3 Assemblies registration

Welcome to the 35C3 Assemblies registration Platform. Please read Call for Assemblies .


  • Build-up approval for larger structures is in the afternoon of the 25th. Please don't arrive with larger structures without telling anyone.
  • Hall 4 will be part of the event this year. Therefore there will be no storage space in Hall 4 during the event. If you need storage space assistance, have questions about build up or delivering your stuff, you get guidance from the LOC via 35c3 [at] c3loc.de.
  • We will have a very long Weekend (23-26), and mostly all shops will be closed. Better check opening times of your prefered stores or prepare yourselves with snacks and cables as you need! Plan ahead.
  • Music: you'll get asked while registration if you want to play music (are you sure?!?) in your Assembly. If yes, the Assemblies Team will contact you with details about GEMA registration.
  • Register until 23.11.2018!
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  • For all questions about assemblies, contact us at 35c3 [at] c3assemblies.de.
  • Pack your ticket.

List of already registered assemblies.

Eine Liste der bereits angemeldeten Assemblies gibt es hier.